brightbean is my little software development project. I reserved the brightbean name back during the dotcom bubble around 2000. The site has sat idle for most of that time, coming and going as I’ve explored different ideas. But the brightbean name and tag line have been around now for about 13 years (as of this writing in January 2013). How time flies.

To give you a little background on me, I’ve spent my entire professional life in the finance world. My exposure to technology has largely been limited to the consumption of it. But now I want to get involved. Why? Mostly because I enjoy the intellectual challenge and the creativity. And honestly, being a nerd, it’s pretty cool.

My journey started half-heartedly a few years ago, around 2010, with the pursuit of a masters in computer science. I thought it sounded fancy. But I lacked direction. I was just going through the motions. Over the course of a few years, I managed to take introductory courses in Assembly, C, C++, and Java. I learned enough to understand the concepts, but I spent very little time (read none) writing code. It was just so overwhelming, so much to learn, where do I even begin…and could I ever learn it well enough to be good at it given my age? I’m so far behind the curve. I was frustrated, completely demotivated.

But a month or so ago (that would be around December 2012), a random switch flipped in my head and I finally found the focus I have been looking for all along. I buckled down and dove head first into Windows Phone app development. When I say head first, I mean trying to figure out basic C# and XAML, how to use Visual Studio and Blend, what the hell to do with the API, etc. I’m talking basics, things many programmers learn when they’re 8 years old. And it worked. I got my first app published within a week. It’s simple and doesn’t do much, but I had to get my feet wet.

So my software development journey has begun. I hope you’ll join me. Perhaps we’ll even work together on future projects and become the next tech billionaires.

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