ABAP: First Steps

A couple of weeks ago I published my first Windows Phone application. Other than the simple programs I wrote in the programming classes I’ve taken, it was the first somewhat useful application I’ve ever written. It’s called Connectivity Manager. It does what all of the other connection managers do, it links to the various connection settings visible to the user and the programmer, like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc. It’s basically a glorified linker. But I needed to get my feet wet.

I’m currently working on a base converter. Yep, that’s been done plenty of times before as well. But again, you have to start somewhere. Your first, second, or third programs, hell, maybe even your 100th, are not likely going to be blockbuster hits. If that happens to you, that’s absolutely incredible and I’d love to hear your story. But for most of us, it’s going to be slow going.

You need to think of your first programs as learning experiences, no different than when you took your first baby steps. Those first steps were the hardest damn thing in the world, only you didn’t know enough at the time to get frustrated and give up. You kept trying, falling, crying, trying, falling, crying, until eventually you got on your feet. At that point it was all smiles, because those cookies on the counter were that much closer. Now if mom and dad would only leave the room…

Programming is no different. It’s one step at a time. If you don’t take it one step at a time, you will quickly overwhelm yourself. There is so much to learn, so much history, so much present, and so much future that if you don’t break it down into manageable pieces you’ll likely walk away. That’s what I always did in the past. That’s likely what many of you did too. Well, let’s not do that anymore. I’m talking to myself as much as I am to you.

So, you ask, where do I start? That’s a very good question. I’m not going to get into any specifics here, I’m going to talk very generally and I’m going to try to stay away from “well, it depends”, as much as possible.

I’m going to try and keep these posts relatively short. I don’t think anyone wants to read a blog encyclopedia. So on to my next post to continue the journey…

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