More Good Tips on Developing Windows Phone Apps

Here’s another good blog post from the Windows Phone Developer Blog, with 8 on designing Windows Phone apps. Check out the post for all of the details, but here are the highlights to whet your appetite:

  1. Focus: what makes your app unique and what is your mission statement for your app.
  2. Plan: do some upfront leg work on your app’s layout and flow to make sure it makes sense and to save time later.
  3. Love the grid: the Windows Phone emulator grid is your friend when it comes to design, use it in Visual Studio and in Blend (Expression Blend). It’ll save you tons of time putting together your layouts.
  4. Theme it: take advantage of the built in themes of Windows Phone to style your apps.
  5. It’s alive: use Live Tiles to kept your app in focus even when it’s not open.
  6. Let content breathe, never fear the scroll: don’t cram, this isn’t a final exam, give your content room.
  7. Be inspired: embrace Windows Phone’s simple and clear design language.
  8. Sell it: designing and coding are one thing, getting people to use your app is another. Present yourself well in the Windows Phone Store.


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