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Magformers 30 Piece Inspire Set

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This basic set is designed especially with her in mind. Pink, Purple, Light Blue, and Teal colored shapes are a great way to get young girls interested in the learning and creativity of MAGFORMERS. The Inspire 30 Piece Set contains 30 powerful magnets ; 18 squares and 12 triangles. It's simple to use, and easy to build with from the moment the pieces are out of the box, making it a perfect set for beginners. Colors Just For Girls Inspire Her to Build the Ball Intelligent Design for Brain Development MAGFORMERS are easy to use and never frustrating. The patented intelligently designed MAGFORMERS magnets are housed in colorful, high quality ABS plastic. They always attract and never repel, so the moment any two pieces touch they connect. High quality magnets that instantly connect are sure to spark curiosity and play time is creative, stimulating, and constructive. Building with MAGFORMERS engages mathematical and scientific thought, deductive reasoning, and requires use of spatial awareness. Manipulating the powerful, colorful MAGFORMERS magnets IS educational, but despite being an educational experience, play is magical and FUN Inspire Her MAGFORMERS award winning 30 piece Sets are perfect for beginning users age 3+. Inspire Her with MAGFORMERS in colors that girls of all ages adore. She'll be building with the same pieces that are found in our Award Winning Classic and Rainbow Sets in colors perfect for every princess. Build a ball, build a house, build a building, build a star... you can even build a microphone Cubes, and pyramids are another basic build favorite. Imagination and building is always a fun solo activity, but when two or more minds get together the building creativity abounds Get ready for idea sparks to fly Instant Connect = Instant FUN Instant connect powerful magnets make playtime instantly FUN Storage takes care of itself, because with MAGFORMERS,every piece connects to another and stacks neatly so you won't find a messy pile after play Compact storage, easy set up, and quick clean up, make MAGFORMERS a perfect activity for anytime or place. Pack them in a small tote and wherever you go you're bringing instant FUN. Children 3+ can easily build with MAGFORMERS. What's In The Box? Contains 30 Pieces: 18 Squares; 12 Triangles / Colors: Pink, Purple, Light Blue, and Teal Inspire Her to build with Pink, Purple, Light Blue, and Teal. From the Manufacturer Inspire Her. Magformers most popular size set, just expanded with a set especially for her in her colors. Now you can build the ball in PINK.

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