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5 ways to Celebrate New Year’s Eve with your Children

5 ways to Celebrate New Year’s Eve with your Children

The New Year is almost here, and you and your child might be excited about 2023! Celebrating the new year with children can be a fun way to bond with your family. Here are 5 different ways to celebrate New Year’s Eve with your children to help ring in the upcoming new year – 2023.

1. Create Resolutions Take some time to write out 1 or 2 resolutions for you and your child to work on this year. This will allow them the chance to begin working on themselves and encourage them in seeing you challenging yourself to work on yourself as well. Perhaps find a resolution to work on together as a family.

2. Have a Dance Party Play some music to shake of the old year and enter into the new year! Playing some of your child’s favourite songs can help them to feel more comfortable in entering a new year. It can also allow for fun memories to be made.

3. Toast - with Apple Juice Everyone loves to toast to the new year, let your child join in on the fun. Pour some apple juice or soda into a fancy class and have everyone give a toast to the new year. This is sure to be a memory your child will always remember.

4. Watch a New Year’s Eve Broadcast Sometimes the best thing to do is to order some take-out and watch a fun New Year’s Eve Countdown program. It can be a fun experience sitting together watching artists perform and watching the New Year’s countdown get closer and closer to midnight.

5. Sparklers Sparklers can be a fun way to celebrate the new year. Get some sparklers at a shopping centre and light them up to shine and sparkle as you celebrate the new year. Make sure you only light the sparklers outside.

How will you bring in the New Year? Let us know below! Wishing you a Happy New Year’s Eve and a wonderful 2023.

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