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About Us

Bright Bean Is A Toy Store For Parents Who Want To Be Active In Their Child's Development.

The Bright Bean Story

Research told us our kids would develop better and achieve more if we engaged with them while they played. We also knew we could make the most of that playtime by giving them the right toys at the right stages.

Only we didn’t know what toys or what stages were the right ones. Conventional toy stores didn’t offer much help, and googling only got us so far. We decided the world needed a new kind of toy store. One that gives parents the ability to plan for each developmental milestone and get out in front of every new academic challenge their kids will face. So we started Bright Bean.

At Bright Bean, we’ll walk with you through your child’s development and education from birth to age 4. We’ll show you the right educational toys, games, and books to make playtime count toward those goals.

All children should have the best chance to achieve their dreams. And as parents, it’s your job to give them that chance. Your kids can kick butt. We’ll help.

We have taken the time to expertly curate only the best and high quality toys from around the globe, plus, trusted guidance and inspiration to help your kids reach their potential.

Much More Than Just A Toy Store...

As a parent, you want to give your child every advantage. The best way to do that is to be an active participant in your child’s development and education. That takes more than just providing them with the right toys. It takes knowledge, patience, creativity, and perseverance.

Check out our interactive Milestones Tool to help you outline each stage of your child’s development and education from birth to age 4. Browse through milestones in 12 developmental categories covering physical, cognitive, and emotional development and education. Learn how to help your child reach each milestone, and what toys are best suited to encourage each area of learning.

Our blog, The Garden, is full of creative ideas to stimulate, enrich, and maximize your child’s play time. You’ll find crafts, activities, recipes, and helpful commentary on life as a parent. The Garden also features articles from a roster of experts in child development and primary education.

Bright Bean’s resource centre offers everything you need to be a partner in learning for your kids.