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Bright Bean - Toy Testing Day

Bright Bean - Toy Testing Day

Bright Bean hosted our first-ever Toy Testing Day at the end of September! It was a fantastic experience to see kids trying out toys from Bright Bean's website in person, and it allowed us to capture moments of them enjoying the toys we offer on our website! 

Our Generation Doll

Firstly, the kids had a blast trying out the toys and games from our website. Watching them having fun and enjoying themselves was genuinely heartwarming. We had a wide range of toys available, from dolls and action figures to board games and puzzles. They could see and feel the toys in person and better understand how they work and what they do. Having these toys in person made it easier for them to decide which toys they would like to have.

Paw Patrol Kid Laughing

Secondly, we received some great feedback from the kids and their parents. They were impressed with the quality of the toys and how easy they were to use. Many parents also appreciated the fact that they could see the toys in person before making a purchase. This gave them more confidence in the products they were buying.

Mother and Daughter Playing

Lastly, the toy testing day was an excellent opportunity to connect with our customers and get their feedback. It was great to see the excitement and enthusiasm of the kids and their parents and to hear their thoughts and opinions on the toys we offer. This feedback will help us to continue improving our products and services for our customers.

Overall, the toy testing day was a huge success, and we're already planning on doing it again next year. We believe that allowing our customers to see and feel our products in person is integral to our commitment to providing long-lasting toys that your kids have loved for years. We look forward to bringing joy and happiness to kids and families with our toys and games. We will have more toy testing days in the future, and if you are interested in participating, please email our Communications Manager at

Bright Bean's Toy Testing Day was incredible. We're already looking forward to the next one!

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