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Colour with Me, Mommy!

Colour with Me, Mommy!

Does your kid stay inside the lines or consider the lines to be more “suggestions”? Either way, colouring is a fun way to relax. Kids can spend hours colouring and staying out of mischief, which is why it’s a favourite activity for parents to suggest.

Did you know that adults get the same relaxing benefits from colouring? In an episode of House of Cards, a group of Buddhist monks painstakingly poured coloured sand onto a pattern etched on a table in the White House. The resulting artwork is called a mandala, and they’ve been used for centuries as a form of meditation.

We recently found an awesome website called Colouring Pages for Adults. There are tonnes of printable designs, all completely free! Along with mandalas, there are pictures of scenery, patterns from all over the world, animals, recreations of famous paintings, and even some pop culture icons. There’s a whole section just for pictures of cupcakes. No lie. How could you not sit for hours and colour cupcakes? Seriously!

Next time your little one wants to colour, why not join in? You can print off your favourite design, then head over to their kids’ colouring pages site and find a few designs to keep your children occupied while you relax with some crayons and a cup of green tea.

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