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Full STE(A)M Ahead!

Full STE(A)M Ahead!

What is STE(A)M?

Science, technology, engineering, arts, mathematics. In a nutshell, that's STEAM. It's the building blocks of knowledge, it's the foundation for our modern world, and it's the must-have in your toy cupboard to encourage growth and development! 

It's why fostering a passion for learning and innovation in our children is more important than ever.  STEAM toys are designed to encourage an interest in the constituent fields. They're a gateway to exploration, creativity, and problem-solving skills. These toys incite a lifelong passion in your little beans; be it in engineering, chemistry, aviation, music or theatre! By engaging children in hands-on activities that incorporate scientific principles, technological concepts, engineering, design and logic, these toys lay the groundwork for kids' success. Most importantly, however, they're fun! 

The definitive guide to STEM toys.

Pictured above are the 2023 Canada Wide Science Fair Winners. From left to right: Jamie Parsons board chair of Youth Science Canada, Arushi Nath, Elizabeth Chen, Moulik Budhiraja, Katelyn Wu, Yurui Qin, Noah Bryan and Andrei Marti. Photo credit: Youth Science Canada.

This month though, we're focusing on the STEM aspect of STEAM. After all, it is National Youth Science Month! March will see Regional Science Fairs happening all over the country, leading up to the Canada Wide Science Fair at the University of Ottawa in May! So what better time to encourage a little scientific experimentation amongst your kids? Here are 5 top toys guaranteed to spark a life-long interest in STEM fields - regardless of your beans' age! 

Top picks to inspire tomorrow's innovators.

Boy playing with Lego Technic toy

1. LEGO Technic McLaren Extreme E Race Car

You can't have a list of STEM toys without LEGO Technic. Started in 1977 to challenge kids and teach them all about engineering, Technic has evolved to much more. Their range now incorporates a variety of builds, including this gorgeous McLaren Extreme E Race Car.

Let your kids' imaginations run free as they live the life of an off-road, electric, race-car driver. This kit introduces kids to the world of engineering, both present and future. Packed with detail, this kit is sure to be a challenge for even the more experienced builders!

2. 4M KidzLab Moon Torch

Who amongst us hasn't dreamt of the stars at some point? With this Moon Torch, carry around the magic of moonlight everywhere you go. Perfect for those who are slightly younger, this toy introduces them to a world beyond our own. Who knows, maybe it'll spark some big questions. 

3. Learning Resources Splashology! Water Lab
It's going to be a splishy splashy spring! This fancy bit of kit uses the fun of experimentation to teach kids about physics through play! Watch them learn about volume, buoyancy, flow, pressure, and more! The lab supports both open-ended and guided play, ensuring your little scientist can make the most of bathtime.  

Marble Rush Racing Construction Toy

4. Marble Rush™ Raceway Set

Ready, set, race! This 78-piece set encourages creativity, spatial reasoning and logic! Colour-coded pieces and easy-to-follow instructions mean kids can create both pre-designed and custom courses! Watch their problem-solving skills blossom as they race marbles through twists and turns, down ramps and across obstacles! 

5. 4M Volcano Making Kit

Experience Mother Nature's awesome power with this hands-on experiment! By creating a simulating volcano, your kids can learn about geology, ecology and chemistry!  This kit encourages inquiry and discovery with a time-honoured classic.

STEM Toys offer a world of possibilities; from exploration to experimentation, discovery to innovation, conception to creation. These toys bring the best of learning and play together to inspire a love for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. As we celebrate National Youth Science Month, let's embrace STEM for its transformative power! Your bean might just find themselves inspired enough to create a new way of identifying cancer, or even saving the whole planet!

Dive into the world of STE(A)M toys today!

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