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March Break: Fun Travel Activities to Keep Your Kids Learning

March Break: Fun Travel Activities to Keep Your Kids Learning

Are we there yet? These are the words a parent often dreads hearing on any trip while travelling with their kids. As March Break is fast approaching, you may be preparing for a family vacation to get away from the hustle and bustle of your normal weekly routine. Although, getting to your final vacation destination may prove to be difficult, especially when travelling with kids as it can often be a long and sometimes boring journey. A long car or plane ride can be extremely boring for kids if they are not provided with something entertaining to do along the way. That’s why bringing some fun activities for your kids to do while on a trip is essential to any vacation. And why not bring some fun AND educational activities along so that your kids can keep busy and continue learning while travelling.

So, included below are some travel activities that will be fun for your kids as well as provide them with some learning opportunities:

I Spy

I Spy is a very simple, but fun activity that has been around for some time now. It is a great game to play on a road trip, especially with kids. I Spy can keep them entertained as they observe the scenery and landscapes passing around them, but it can also provide them with opportunities to think critically and logically as they try and deduce what object is being described from the clues they are being given. I Spy is also a great activity because nothing needs to be brought along or prepared in order to play it.  

Travel Trivia

Trivia is another fun and educational activity that can be enjoyed by the whole family! This activity will require some preparation beforehand, but it will help your kids have fun on the journey while learning fun facts about your travel destination. The questions can be from all different topics, including landmarks, history, geography, random fun facts, etc. The whole family can partake in this activity while learning interesting information about a new place.

Activity Books

As many trips can last several hours, kids may need several activities to keep them busy. Activity books are great items to bring along so that your kids can have a quiet, fun, and educational activity to do to pass the time. Bringing along a few different activity books, including colouring books and puzzle books will help your kids have the option of choosing what they would like to do while on the trip.

Travel Bingo

Similar to I Spy, travel bingo is a fun game that your kids can enjoy while on a road trip. Melissa & Doug Travel Bingo includes two gameboards and different game cards that have different themes so your kids can pick the ones they want to play with. As kids spot the different objects passing by, they can start to track them on their gameboard until they get BINGO. Travel Bingo is a great activity that can help kids learn and develop observation skills. 

Travel Journal

A travel journal is not only a fun activity, but it makes for a great souvenir as well. Kids can write about what they are looking forward to on their trip and then document the fun events that happen during the vacation. This activity will give your kids the opportunity to develop their creativity, handwriting, and writing skills. A travel journal is a great activity for kids to do during the trip, but it is fun to read and look back upon after getting back from the vacation too!

Travelling to the final destination may not be the most entertaining journey for kids, but with these fun and educational activities, they will for sure be able to remain amused and engaged the whole way there!

Safe Travels!

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