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The Best toys for your 6 month to 12 month old baby to develop and learn from

The Best toys for your 6 month to 12 month old baby to develop and learn from

My daughter just turned one. When I look back over the past year, I see how my role as her parent changed as she grew. Of course, as first-time parents, we only had a fuzzy picture of what we were meant to be doing.

Luckily, for us and for all parents of babies and toddlers, we’re not the ones responsible for our kids’ progress. We’re not Chief Development Officers. We’re barely even coaches when it comes down to it. At best, we’re cheerleaders. Or teammates with a little more experience.

If your kids are anything like my daughter, they’ll bounce from toy to toy, spot to spot, activity to activity. They'll snap from glee to frustration to awe in a matter of seconds. The best thing we can do is let all that happen and respond to each action, each emotion, and each achievement. Celebrate new actions. Commiserate frustrations and encourage perseverance. Play little games. Ask questions. And, of course, cuddle.

So that said, here are 5 of our favourite and best toys that you can use to help your little one develop and learn:

    1. Melissa & Doug Fishbowl Fill & Spill
    2. Lamaze Daisy Dino
    3. Yookidoo Gymotion Lay to Sit-Up Play
    4. Vtech Push & Explore Elephant
    5. B. Toys Wonders Above Activity Quilt
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