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Unleash the Magic of Halloween: A Bright Bean Halloween Costume Guide 🎃📚

Unleash the Magic of Halloween: A Bright Bean Halloween Costume Guide 🎃📚

As the autumn leaves fall and the sweet scent of pumpkin spice fills the air, Halloween excitement begins to build. At Bright Bean, we believe that learning and play go hand in hand. This Halloween, we have created a Costume Guide for you to explore so you can find the perfect Costume for your little one this year. Get ready to ignite your child's creativity and curiosity in a way that will make this Halloween unforgettable! 

Melissa & Doug Mermaid Costume ($29.99)
This stunning mermaid costume features a shimmering dress with a tail that flares into a fishtail! Glittering fabrics, silvery accents, and a royal seashell tiara make this kids' dress-up set truly special. Crafted with care and durable construction to stand up to years of pretend play!

Great Pretenders Woodland Deer Dress & Headpiece ($33.99)
If a deer is your spirit animal? This adorable deer costume is perfect for everyday play or Halloween. The dress has a full skirt featuring gold glitter, an ombre effect on the layers of tulle, ¾ length sleeve, and a v-neck collar. The skirt is lined so it doesn’t scratch or itch. The white tulle ruffle around the neckline and the tail on the back of the skirt add to the deer effect! Complete the look with a headband featuring ears, antlers, roses, and green leaves.

Great Pretenders Woodland Storybook Wolf Cape ($35.99)
The perfect compliment to the Little Red Riding Hood costume is our Wolf Cape. This cape features a realistic one-piece wolf face, white fur around the neck, a white tail, and attached paws. Made with an elastic loop inside the paws to easily allow your child to grip the paws even if their arms are not long enough.

Melissa & Doug Astronaut Costume ($39.99)
Houston, we have a costume. Kids will be over the moon when they get to step into the jumpsuit, slip on the stretchy silver gloves, and top it all off with the shiny helmet! There's even a reusable nametag that proudly IDs your little space explorer, then wipes clean so another astronaut can have a turn. This durable role play set is suitable for ages 3 - 6 and ready for any mission, whether it's piloting an imaginary rocket, exploring the distant galaxies at the other end of the house, or just striding dramatically toward your spaceship. Made of sturdy materials and built to last, the entire set is machine washable too! 

Great Pretenders Little Red Riding Hood Cape ($38.99)
Our very first adult-sized costume! This adult-sized Little Red Riding Hood cape is made with an oversized hood with a heavy crushed velour. Proudly made in Canada, this cape features a large hood with a Velcro closure and a red satin ribbon detail. This perfect Little Red Riding Hood cape is of course machine washable for multiple adventures.

Great Pretenders GID Skeleton Costume ($35.99)

Made with high-quality materials, this set is not only comfortable to wear but also durable enough to withstand all-night trick-or-treating. The skeleton design is made using special glow-in-the-dark ink that is charged by light, giving you an otherworldly look in low-light environments. It's long sleeves & pants are great for bundling up and withstanding a Canadian Halloween!

Great Pretenders Brilliant Copper Knight Costume ($38.99)

Prepare for battle! Our Brilliant Copper Knight Tunic & Cape is perfect for any medieval or renaissance event. This set includes a hooded tunic and cape. The tunic is made of a beautiful sparkly brown fabric, with a lion emblem embellished on the front. The sleeves are made of chainmail-like fabric, and the hood and cape are made with beautiful iridescent copper spandex.

Great Pretenders Pink Rose Princess Costume ($40.99)

The Pink Rose Princess Dress is an exceptional gown designed to last for generations and to create lasting childhood memories! Made with premium quality fabrics this dress features exquisite details and fine trimmings. The soft and silky satin skirt has a hoop and it’s topped with shimmery layers of tulle and organza peplum. The crushed velour bodice and sleeves have spandex for comfort and extra size flexibility. The satin inset is topped with a layer of embellished golden embroidery and adorned with fancy antique-gold trims. Elegant velour sleeves are finished with shimmery organza bells’ technically called flounce sleeves. Elasticized waistband is adorned with gorgeous hand-made roses. This gown is extraordinary and it’s a dream come true for all little princesses!

Great Pretenders Azure The Metallic Dragon Cape ($38.99)

Made from the finest metallic materials, the cape shimmers and shines in the light, creating an iridescent effect that will make you the envy of all your friends. The vibrant azure color of the cape is inspired by blue skies, and the intricate dragon scale pattern & dragon horns are made in a vibrant metallic teal blue. The cape has an epic 3D stuffed head for ultimate fearlessness, & its vibrant blue eyes will make you as fierce as ever!


This Halloween, let Bright Bean help you find the perfect Halloween costume for your little one. Make Halloween an unforgettable experience for the entire family. Join us in celebrating the magic of dress up during this spooktacular season! 🎃📚✨

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