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Updates from Wellspring's Work in Rwanda

Updates from Wellspring's Work in Rwanda

With the Christmas season rolling around, we wanted to say thank you. Because of your support at Bright Bean, hundreds of thousands of children across Rwanda are receiving quality education through Wellspring. That is a truly wonderful Christmas gift.

Here are a few real life stories that we wanted to share with you!

One mother, Judith, who spends her free time meeting with parents who send their kids to work instead of school. She helps families understand the importance of education and brings children back to the classroom where they belong. 

One father, Placide, who banded the community together to carry heavy stones across the village. They’re building an extension to the school so their children’s learning won’t be hindered by overcrowded classrooms.

One teacher, Antoine, who now understands that support and encouragement are crucial to his students’ success. Instead of beating kids for wrong answers like he used to, he helps them work through their mistakes and applauds them when they find the solution. 

One school leader, Verena, who sits with students during their lessons to check in on their learning. She knows that the children in her school deserve the best education possible and continuously helps her teachers improve their skills to make this a reality.

These stories are all true. In fact, they all come from one school too, Kanyundo Primary in the Rubavu District. Before Wellspring’s training, Kanyundo Primary was completely dysfunctional. Teachers wouldn’t show up for class, leaving students sitting alone with nothing to learn. Parents didn’t know the name of their child’s school, let alone what was going on in the classroom. The situation was so poor that kids were abandoning school completely and giving up their education before they even had a chance to get started. This has drastic consequences for their future and perpetuates the cycle of poverty that dominates in this region.

But things are changing. 

We’re one year into our five-year project in Rubavu and incredible transformation is already occurring in schools like Kanyundo Primary, as well as the continued growth in schools through our existing project in the Gasabo District. This is because of you. By supporting Wellspring when you purchase at Bright Bean, you are helping transform a broken education system into one that equips students for the future—whatever future they want.
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