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1 Year Old - Milestones

Child Developmental Milestone Guide
- 1 Year old -

At one year, toddlers have done a great job of building their brains into learning machines. Now they’re ready to start absorbing all kinds of knowledge! Their memories are better, they have a better handle on their bodies, and many of them are ready to build a basic vocabulary.

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Sensory Development

At 12 months, your toddler is likely completely aware of her own actions and their effects on her environment. She spends time observing how she moves her hands and feet, experimenting with both sides of her body and comparing one side’s performance over the other. She doesn’t know it, but she’s starting the process of deciding whether she’s left-handed, right-handed, or ambidextrous.

Fine Motor Skills

12-month-olds are starting to manipulate their environments using more complex fine motor movements. Your toddler may be able to move an obstacle out of his way while he reaches for a toy, showing that he has the ability to split his focus and divide his movements between a goal and an obstacle.

Thinking & Problem Solving Skills

An 11-month-old likely knows to look for a hidden object, and knows how to look for it. He might peek inside boxes or under a blanket for something you’ve hidden and asked him to find. If something isn’t working out for him, like fitting a block through a hole, he may experiment with different ways to accomplish his goal through trial and error.

Developing Self-Expression & Confidence

Monkey see, monkey do! Your little one is sorting out his own identity by mimicking the things that he sees you, and others, doing. He may like to play pretend that he’s on the phone, or using the TV remote. Careful though, because he’ll also pick up pretend versions of any bad habits you have too!

Academic Development

Your 12-month-old’s memory is getting better and better! If she’s started talking early, she might now know about 50 words, and that number grows every day. She’s packing in the factual knowledge as well, and is now able to point to the correct body-parts when you ask her questions like “where’s your nose?”

Listening & Communication Skills

Careful what you say! Your little toddler is listening, and she understands almost everything you say, even if she hasn’t mastered speaking yet. She’s very busy absorbing everything you have to tell her – so share as much as you can. It’s a great time for teaching!

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