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11 Month Old - Milestones

Child Developmental Milestone Guide
- 11 Month Old -

It’s officially time to childproof your home! At 11 months children start to truly enter the toddler phase and may become a lot more mobile. They also understand more about the spatial relationships between objects, and are experimenting with different ways of doing things. And finally, a tiny vocabulary may begin sprouting!

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Gross Motor Skills

Your 11-month-old will soon be able to stand without help and move along the edges of furniture. She’ll use anything to help her get around, coffee tables, couches, and chairs. And with the increased mobility comes increased access – she can reach cupboard handles, table-clothes, and whatever happens to be on your coffee table.

Academic Development

It’s possible your little one has started to talk! Not just imitating the words you say, but actually expressing his thoughts and feelings through speech. He only knows a few words – probably no more than 10. At this stage, he uses one word at a time to express an entire thought. Don’t panic if this hasn’t happened yet – it’s one of those things that happens at different times for every child. Keep working at teaching those key words!

Thinking & Problem Solving skills

An 11-month-old likely knows to look for a hidden object, and knows how to look for it. He might peek inside boxes or under a blanket for something you’ve hidden and asked him to find. If something isn’t working out for him, like fitting a block through a hole, he may experiment with different ways to accomplish his goal through trial and error.

Sharing & Cooperation

Children are avid mimics, and at 11 months, many of them love to mimic the rhythms of conversation. Your little one has a craving to connect with you and others and he sees that conversations are a big part of forming that connection. He will happily murmur away, taking turns as you talk back to him.

Listening & Communication Skills

Your 11-month-old’s speech will soon transition from babbles to words. She’ll soon be inserting real language into her baby talk. She might already know a few words and when to use them, like “no” and “bye-bye”. And she may know a few more gestures.

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