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7 Month Old - Milestones

Child Developmental Milestone Guide
- 7 Month Old -

Seven months is when many babies are on the move. They have figured out how to get from point A to point B, even if they haven’t sorted out traditional hands-and-knees crawling quite yet. They’re starting to understand basic spatial concepts like “in” and “out”, and may be starting to mimic conversation patterns.

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Physical Development

Locomotion is a skill to watch for in your seven-month-old. She may not quite be crawling in the traditional way, but wriggling across the floor, worm-style, still counts as traveling. This means that crawling is just around the corner!

Gross Motor Skills

Your little seven-month-old can move! He’s able to twist and scrunch his trunk to propel himself along the floor, usually on his tummy. At this stage, some babies experiment with different ways to travel – he might try it on his back, for instance, or he might even use rolling over and over to get where he’s going!

Cognitive Development

Your baby may be starting to understand the beginnings of geometry and spatial relationships between objects. At this stage, the concepts are extremely basic, but it’s a foundation she can build on!

Thinking & Problem Solving Skills

Your little one will soon understand when something is inside something else and when something is outside. He’ll start trying to put things inside other things now, and you can encourage this with container toys.

Social & Emotional Development

Your seven-month-old is getting to be a pro at interacting with others. He’s understanding more and more of the words you use on a regular basis, but he’s also starting to get in touch with a negative (but very necessary) emotion: fear.

Listening & Communcation Skills

Your tiny babbler is likely now great at conversational rhythms. She loves to mimic conversations by letting you speak and then babbling away when you take a break. She’ll stop, and wait for you to say something back. And just because she’s still babbling nonsense syllables doesn’t mean she doesn’t know what you’re saying. At this stage, she may know several of the names of objects and people she comes into contact with most – she just hasn’t figured out how to say them yet.

Emotional Security & Happiness

Fear and anxiety are a part of normal life for everyone, including, now, your little seven-month-old. Instead of just being startled by sudden noises, he might cry after the initial shock. Don’t worry, it’s normal to be afraid – and it’s important for survival! He also may start to shy away from strangers and people he’s not quite comfortable with.

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