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8 Month Old - Milestones

Child Developmental Milestone Guide
- 8 Month Old -

Eight-month-olds are on the move! At this stage many babies become much better at moving around the room – it’s a good time to start investing in gates and barricades if you haven’t already! Their behavior is becoming more complex as they will now often string together two related actions, and communicate using gestures as well as babbles sighs and cries.

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Physical Development

Your baby is getting stronger and stronger with each passing day. She’s likely getting better at holding herself up on all fours and is scooting around the room with relative ease. She’s enjoying her newfound mobility and it’s important that you keep an eye on her.

Gross Motor Skills

Your eight-month-old has most likely figured out how to crawl – backwards and forwards! It’s a major milestone for him – now he can get where he wants to go and if he gets stuck, he can back his way out. He also might be able to crawl while holding something in his hand, taking a favorite toy on a little trip across the floor with him.

Cognitive Development

Your eight-month-old is thinking more about what she does. There’s a lot more purpose behind her actions than ever before. Her understanding of the world is increasing daily and she’s developing new behaviors rapidly to keep up.

Thinking & Problem Solving Skills

The concept of object permanence is solidly in place in your eight-month-old’s mind. If there’s a favorite toy he hasn’t seen in a while, he may go looking for it. He may also start to group his actions together – the first step toward being able to perform complex, multi-stage tasks.

Social & Emotional Development

Your eight-month-old isn’t using language to communicate yet, but she has probably found some other ways to indicate some of what she has to say. She’s started using gestures to tell you what’s on her mind.

Listening & Communcation Skills

Your little one may have figured out he can make himself understood by using a gesture or two while he works up to using words. For example, if he’s had enough of playing with that toy, he might wave his arms across his middle to say “no thanks” when you try to give it to him.

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