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ALEX Toys Future Coders Bunny Trails

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Age Recommendation: for ages 4 and up

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ALEX Toys Future Coders Bunny Trails features your own pet robot and the world you create for it! Your robotic rabbit comes alive on the gameboard. Use stickers and punch out cardboard pieces to create the custom obstacles and elements that your bunny bot will travel around. Choose a puzzle card, which will tell you where to place the starting and stopping tiles and obstacles. Using logical skills, kids can program a path by placing direction tiles on the board, to create a line from start to end, while avoiding other dangers in the garden. Place bunny on start and watch him follow your path! The cards are numbered, so each level gets harder. Follow those challenges or have fun creating your own! Includes a Bunny Bot, 2 paper straws, 2 plastic spinning posts, 34 tiles, game board with plastic grid, 20 puzzle cards, 7 punch out pieces, 170 stickers and easy instructions. 

Additional Information:

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Learning Goals: cognitive development, curiosity & discovery development

Batteries: 3 AAA batteries (not included)