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Bear Colour's Clock

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Match up the colors and learn numbers and time with our Bear Colors Clock! It can be hung up on a wall with small bracket on the reverse.

Kids can tell correctly what time of the day is by studying a blend of colors. The bear-shaped clock uses specific colors for different value of hours. It's a high-end, user-friendly craft.

There are 12 wooden number labels with pegs behind each of them. More so, these labels have unique colors, and there's the main clock base that with the shape of a bear. These wooden materials form the package to be delivered after purchase.

The Tender Leaf Toys brand features an innovative wall clock product that takes the shape of an animal. The package has removable labels, adjustable hour and minute hand. Telling time correctly leads to the development of cognitive abilities.

Recommended age 36 mths - 1 year.

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