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Bright Starts Hug-a-bye Baby Musical Light Up Soft Toy

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Add a sweet glow to nighttime routines and daytime play with the Hug-a-bye Baby from Bright Starts. The soft elephant stuffed animal plays 20+ minutes of soothing melodies and lights with a gentle squeeze of its foot. Switch between two modes of play for either continuous music or short songs. Watch as the elephant’s tummy twinkles in time with the tunes! Your baby will love the comforting glow of his new friend’s belly. Explore the many textures, crinkles and tags to encourage the development of fine motor skills. This activity toy doubles as a soother, so you’ll get loads of use!

  • • Snuggly soft soother for hugs as big as an elephant!
  • • Squeeze the foot to activate gentle melodies and lights in 2 modes
  • • Two modes: Continuous play or short tunes
  • • The elephant’s belly lights up for glowing comfort
  • • Tactile exploration with crinkles and tags

Recommended Age: 3 months+

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Brittney Banna

This toy was soo great my little loved it but a couple of weeks after getting it and it’s not working at all correctly. The button on the foot doesn’t do anything. The music either continues to play and won’t stop until you switch it off or it won’t work at all! Very bummed as it was her favorite.


Yes I’ve been loving my Hug a bye, but last night it began malfunctioning while on the 20+ minute mode as my baby was going to sleep. I swear I haven’t had the toy not even a week! It starts playing then stops and repeats like a broken record the same few notes to one song until I have to turn it off. Now I get to go return it. I’m extremely disappointed.