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Finger Washable Paint 128 oz Sensations Kit

by Roylco
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Learn to see colors through your fingertips with this kit of safe, non-toxic materials that can be added to your favorite finger paints. Visually impaired or sensory challenged students will find the textures interesting and helpful as they explore new ways to see, touch and understand the world. The ten sensations are: fine grit, funny fibers, coarse grit, squishy, soft, frictionless, dissolving, roly-poly, stringy and goopy. The sensations can be catered to each child’s experience, or use them to have fun making art in new ways. Mix up the washable additives and use them right away, or store them overnight in an airtight container.

Includes: 10 finger paint additives, 30 oz. (870 g) and teacher guide (does not include paint) ->

Recommended age 4+ years.

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