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Learning Resources Beginner's Building Set

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Product Packaging: Standard Packaging GEARS GEARS GEARS Beginner's Building Set Vibrant, spinning gears set imaginations in motion. GEARS GEARS GEARS is a child's introduction to the world of construction and movement. Bright colors and easy-to-assemble pieces encourage children to create moving masterpieces. There are so many ways to build and open-ended components mean there are no wrong ways to build. The set contains 95 sturdy pieces that snap together, challenging your child's creativity. Children discover something new every time they play. Get Little Engineers Building Boost fine motor skills and encourage engineering skills and reasoning as children create moving experiments with spinning, coloful action. The turning gears in this colorful set offer hundreds of 3-D construction possibilities. All pieces in the set are compatible with all GEARS GEARS GEARS building sets, allowing you to easily add on for your child over time. Encourage Problem Solving and Perserverance This engaging set features plastic gears, cranks, connectors and interlocking base plates for endless construction possibilities The included Activity Guide covers building basics that lay the foundation for basic cause and effect. Children can then create a crawling catterpillar and a souped-up race car, or engage in some fun ex-gear-iments GEARS GEARS GEARS provides many opportunities for young children to experiment with simple mechanics and science. The included experiments encourage them to notice interesting movements and connections, and explore the fascinating action that can be created with gears. Set Learning in Motion GEARS GEARS GEARS - also a great tool for mastering basic skills. While your child engages with his favorite construction toy, he's developing hand-eye coordination and handwriting muscles. He thinks he's playing but he's also learning colors, cause and effect and the concepts of push and turn. What's in the Box? GearsCranksConnectorsInterlocking base platesActivity guide "Mom I made a crawling caterpillar ... A rolling racecar ... A ... thing" With a whopping 95 pieces, Gears Gears Gears Basic Building Set is a fantastic first construction toy for young builders. Bright, sturdy, uniformly sized plastic gears slip smoothly onto pegs on the square bases, which are easily linked together in any number of ways. Pillars and extenders expand the dimensional possibilities sideways, up, and out. Your 3-year-old will be an instant success at inventing any number of masterpieces with moving, working parts. Gears Gears Gears holds plenty of intrigue for older siblings as well. An activity guide with instructions in English, Spanish, French, and German is included. And, as your little inventor grows, the basic set is perfectly compatible with other Gears Gears Gears sets, including Wacky Factory and the Pulleys Plus accessory set. --Julie Ubben See all

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