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Learning Resources Spike the Fine Motor Hedgehog Fidget Friend

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When you're looking for on-the-go preschool fidget fun, look no further than Spike the Fine Motor Hedgehog! Your kids will build new preschool sensory skills every time they fidget with the Spike the Fine Motor Hedgehog Fidget Friend.

Inspired by our bestselling Spike the Fine Motor Hedgehog preschool toy, this fun fidget friend comes with 6 ways to fidget: 

  • spin the whee
  • turn the crank
  • press the button
  • twist the knob
  • push the plunger
  • move the switch!

As they play, kids won't just build new preschool tactile skills—they'll also boost their coordination, hand strength, and other fine motor skills essential to real-world success!

Sized just right for little hands, Spike the Fine Motor Hedgehog Fidget Friend is ready for play everywhere you go—take him in the car, or keep him at home for breaks during homeschooling. Spike is also durable and easy to clean—just wipe him down with a damp cloth after play time is done. Whether you're learning in the classroom or through homeschooling, Spike's here to make preschool fun!

Recommended age 18 months+.

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Customer Reviews

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Yes I would buy it again

This is a colourful toy, so good to look at. It is also quite light to carry. One and half year old, took to it quickly. He will also be able to use it for a little while longer when learning numbers and colours. You can also, test your child by asking them to place a peg in for example hole number 1, 2, 3, 4, to 12 and check whether they've got it right.

Great toy for gross motor

My mom worked at an educational toy store for 21 years and told me to buy my 15 month adorable granddaughter this toy. And the fact that the 'spikes' store inside the toy is the key

Play and learn with this multi-purpose hedgehog!

I love that LR came out with a toy for younger children! Although my son is 2, he loves setting pieces in their place, counting, and pointing out colors. Spike the Hedgehog has a bonus because all the loose pieces store inside which is always a win for parents! My son had so much fun placing all the spikes in their respective spots. He also noticed the numbers on his own and started counting them out as he put them in. We made it more interactive by asking him to place a green one in #7 and so on or he would put all the red ones in a row. It's a great toy to work on his fine motor skills! Everything came in a nice box without any mess of plastic to try to cut through or untangle. There was a strong plastic smell, so we aired it out for a few hours before letting my son play with it. The toy is very durable and sturdy. The top snaps into the hedgehog easily and the quills are flexible yet very sturdy for lasting play time. And the quills are strong enough for my son to carry around by the quill instead of from the base. The quills almost act like a handle for the toy! I'd recommend this to my friends and family because the toy is very universal and grows with your child over time. The quills number up to 12 instead of the usual 5 or 10 which is a nice bonus! It's also a really cute toy just to have on a shelf. There aren't many porcupine toys out there so it's a different animal to introduce to your child! The activity guide also has some extra helpful ways to play and learn too! I received this product in exchange for an honest review.

14 month old LOVES this toy

My 14 month old picked up the skill of pulling out the spikes and putting them back in very quickly, he loves this toy. One complaint is that he also uses the spikes for teething and he has ruined every spike by chewing on them. I wish they were made of a sturdier material or that replacement spikes were available.