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Mirari Roll & Return Ball

by Mirari
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This amazing 5.5" ball is two toys in one. Children can play alone, rolling the ball and chasing after it to roll it again, delighting in the continually-upright penguin and fun sounds of the inner balls. Then, using the simple side switch to change modes, an adult can now roll the ball along its lipped channel, rolls back. Children will think it̢‰â?ã¢s magic.

A Fun Developmental Tool

Gross Motor Skills (increasing mobility through ball-handling and scooting or crawling)
Fine Motor Skills (developing and increasing finger dexterity)
Cognitive Learning (understanding the cause and effect relationship)

Mirari Embodies Classic Play with Innovation

Children love playing with balls of all kinds. It's classic play that offers a simple joy in just seeing the colorful toy roll here and there. Mirari made the Roll & Return ball unique in a few ways--it's clear so children see the adorable penguin inside, and the penguin magically stays upright as the ball rolls. The smaller interior balls add a fun visual and sound as the ball rolls, too. The biggest feature of this ball is its return capability. When activated, the ball will roll back when rolled. Mirari's innovative ball features an automatic return feature and a continually-upright penguin to keep children engaged, but we made sure there are no unnecessary features to overwhelm children and take away from the wonder of play.It Rolls Back, or Not, if You Prefer

Parents simply push the button to turn the feature on and off. When on, the return feature allows you to roll the ball and see it return to you. When off, it won̢‰â?ã¢t come back, and this encourages children to crawl or chase the ball. The ball comes with a tip sheet on how to best operate the ball's return feature.

The Roll & Return Ball includes a tip sheet on using the return feature; no batteries required.

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