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The Patterson Puppies And The Midnight Monster Party by Leslie Patricelli

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Petra is afraid of the monster that comes out in the dark. Luckily her very supportive í¢ä‰åäó? and very spirited í¢ä‰åäó? siblings find a way to turn fear into fun!Every night, in the middle of the night, Petra wakes up. Sheí¢ä‰å??s afraid of the dark. Sheí¢ä‰å??s afraid of the noises. But most of all, she afraid of the monster. Her brothers and sister always sleep all night long, and Mama and Papa tell Petra sheí¢ä‰å??ll be just fine. But Petra is still scared, so Andy, Penelope, and Zack decide to help her out. Will a T. rex scare the monster away? A magic wand? Sixteen favorite stuffed animals? What could possibly placate a hungry monster in the middle of the night?

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