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Tomy Mix & Match Motor Boat

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Squirt, sprinkle, spin and pour your way through bath times with the Mix and Match Motor Boat from TOMY! Watch it chug merrily through the water as the wind-up boat heads where you want it to go: adjust the rudder left and right so you can steer a course to port or starboard! The Mix and Match Motor Boat is divided into four parts that you can mix and match in different ways! At the front of the boat is a water cannon to shoot and spray. At the back is the skipper - lift out the little bird to reveal the wind-up motor. In between you can rearrange the colored segments. The cabin lifts out and doubles as a water sprinkler and a drum little hands can set spinning. Your toddler will have fun assembling and reassembling the boat different ways, helping to develop coordination and motor skills. No batteries required. Suitable for ages 10 months and over.

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