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Tubby by Leslie Patricelli

SKU 9780763645670

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Hooray! SPLASH! Leslie Patricellií¢ä‰å??s beloved Baby is back!Ití¢ä‰å??s time for a bath! Whee! And Baby obliges as only he can, playing with bubbles (and using them to make facial disguises from Santaí¢ä‰å??s beard to bunny ears), imitating a motorboat, and letting Mommy wash his single hair. And what would tubby time be without running away naked and shiny cleaní¢ä‰åäó?only to be scooped up and tickled? A beloved bedtime ritual takes on new joy in Leslie Patricellií¢ä‰å??s bright artwork, exuberant language, and simple, familiar scenes.