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Back to School Learning Essentials

Back to School Learning Essentials

Back to School is almost here!! There are so many things to organize and prepare for your child to help them get ready for the new school year. For Canadian schools, cursive is making a comeback according to this article from the CBC. Also, phonics according to this article. Here at Bright Bean, we want to help you and your child have the best toys and items to help them grow and learn while they play. Here is a list of some of our amazing Back to School products to help your child have the edge that they need to tackle a new year of school.

  1. The Complete Cursive Handwriting Workbook For Kids: Laugh, Learn, And Practice The Alphabet

With cursive coming back to school, help your child prepare ahead of time with The Complete Cursive Handwriting Workbook for Kids which will have kids ages 7+ writing cursive in no time. Detailed letter guides―with plenty of space to practice―help children learn their letters, while silly jokes and illustrated pages make it fun for them to write.

  1. A to Z Learn With Me Dictionary

Touch the pictures on every page to hear 200+ words and their definitions read aloud in Explore mode. Help build phonics skills in Letter mode with color-coded beginning letters; hear letter names and sounds and find words in alphabetical order. Game mode leads kids on a hunt for the named letters, or to find words in a category like food or animals.

  1. Educational Insights Math Review Card Set-Grade 4

Hot Dots standards-based math question cards are perfect for reinforcing the math skills that students need to master. The set includes 600 self-checking questions aligned to national and state math curriculum standards, and provides curriculum coverage for 25 important math skill areas.

  1. Scholastic Pokémon: Phonics Boxed Set

Learn to read with help from your favorite Pokémon! This boxed set of twelve easy-to-read books is designed just for kids learning their letter sounds. The fun, action-packed stories in each book feature beloved Pokémon like Pikachu, Piplup. Totodile, Meowth, Shuckle, Sandile, and many more.

  1. Learn To Read Activity Book: 101 Fun Lessons To Teach Your Child To Read

When it comes to teaching kids how to read, the key is to make it entertaining. The Learn to Read Activity Book gets kids excited to learn by incorporating 101 fun and colorful exercises developed by an experienced primary school educator. Packed with cumulative lessons featuring coloring, tracing, mazes, word searches, and other exciting activities, the Learn to Read Activity Book is a complete plan. Whether your child is fidgety, fussy, or physically active, the Learn to Read Activity Book will keep and hold their attention―and hopefully promote a lifelong love of reading.

  1. Crayola Color Wonder Mess-Free Magic Light Brush

Create colourful art without the mess! Crayola Color Wonder Magic Light Brush lets kids create amazing mess-free art in a magical way. This set lets kids choose from 6 Color Wonder inks in classic colours that start clear, but magically appear in colour when applied to the specially formulated, Color Wonder paper. With clear ink there’s no marking or staining on furniture or skin, eliminating mess and stress.

  1. LeapFrog ABC Phonics Word Builder

Get a head start on reading with the ABC Phonics Word Builder! The innovative sound slider feature helps children understand what letters sound like and how sounds blend into words. Practice phonics skills, spelling and vocabulary while exploring 250+ words. Games and activities bring the concepts to life through entertaining play that reinforces learning.

Bright Bean strives to ensure that your child is not only having fun while playing but also learning as well. We believe that educational growth and playtime go hand in hand. Check out our other toys and learning tools here.

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