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Bright Bean’s Top 5 Outdoor Toys

Bright Bean’s Top 5 Outdoor Toys

Outdoor toys provide endless growth for your child in a variety of ways. Playing Outdoors allows for physical activity to take place as well as boosting imagination, creativity and problem-solving skills. Bright Bean aims to encourage you this summer by providing you with a list of our favourite Outdoor toys this summer and why they are beneficial to your child.

1.     Melissa & Doug Splash Patrol Sprinkler
Playing outside in the summer and running through the sprinkler is something many parents remember doing. Create similar memories for your child with this amazing sprinkler from Melissa & Doug. This whimsical outdoor sprinkler is made from durable materials. It attaches easily to a hose for outdoor fun for the whole family, as well an adorable way to water the garden. The sprinkler encourages outdoor active play and helps develop coordination.

2.     Melissa & Doug Winged Dragon Shaped Kite
Let’s go fly a kite this summer!! This dragon-shaped kite is sure to capture imaginations with its impressive 62-inch wingspan and vibrant colors. Sturdy ripstop nylon and flexible fiberglass struts allow for extended flying time, while 164 feet of strong kite line on an easy-grip holder provide control and security. Dramatic streaming tails add to the majestic sight in the sky, while helpful tips guide users in taking off and landing safely.

3.     Learning Resources Solar Lantern
Light up the night with the power of the sun! With the Primary Science Solar Lantern from Learning Resources, kids see the concepts of renewable energy in action. Small solar panels on the lantern’s top collect energy from the sun during the day, storing it in batteries that power the lights within. With the help of their lanterns, kids can plan an evening expedition into the backyard, add a soft glow to blanket forts, or light the way through darkened rooms during nighttime fun around the house. Each lantern is made from durable adventure-ready plastic, and cleans up easily after every excursion.

4.     LUDI Pop-Up Multi-tunnel Playset
The three tunnels can be combined as you wish to form several original courses. Play however you like! Dynamic and play-based, the multi-tunnel offers children a space all their own to freely express themselves. It stimulates children’s imagination and encourages motor skills development. As they have fun, they improve their skills, release their energy and discover how to share and the importance of team spirit. It has been designed to be used both outdoors, in the yard, on the beach or indoors on rainy days!

5.     Melissa & Doug Camo Chameleon Watering Can
Spend some time in the garden this summer with your little one. The Camo Chameleon Watering Can engages children three and up in an enjoyable watering chore. Crafted from strong, molded plastic, Camo's long tail serves as the handle while the branch he clings to directs the flow of water. Fun-loving Camo invites children to explore outdoors.

These are only a few of the amazing outdoor toys that Bright Bean Toys has. If you’d like to check out all our other outdoor toy’s click here. We hope that this summer you and your child creating lasting memories with one another. Bright Bean wants to help you the parents in providing durable and education toys for your child to help them develop into healthy, happy, and well-rounded individuals.

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