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5 Fun Ideas To Entertain Your Child At Home

5 Fun Ideas To Entertain Your Child At Home

These past couple of years have been confusing not only for but for your children as well. With all the changes in the world, COVID has had an impact on your children’s mental health and development. It can be challenging knowing how to navigate things as COVID is still around and limiting your child’s interactions with others. Staying home can be difficult at times for your child, but we’ve created a list of fun ideas to keep your children learning, happy and curious as they continue to grow.


  1. Explore your Backyard

Taking time to be outside is always a good idea, especially when your children are able to learn about nature and how the planet grows and changes. Make a list of different things you & your child can look for while on a walk or exploring the backyard. Have your child observe the different leaves, animal prints and trees as they take in the interesting world around them.


  1. Make a Timeline

Lockdowns and days at home can cause the months to blend together. Make a fun project out of all the time you have spent together as a family. Decorate and colour a timeline of fun moments from each month since lockdown and hang it up for your child to see. This will help them to understand how time works and how important time with people you love is.


  1. Puzzles & Boardgames

Playing a simple table board game can be some of the best ways to connect with your child. Make it a special time where the phones and electronics are put away and you are all focused on spending time together. Boardgames can end up being an important memory for your little one.


  1. Build a Fort

Building forts out of furniture and blankets are memories that we as parents can remember from our childhood, allow your child to experience the same fun moments. Help them push the couch over and throw the blanket over the chairs. Help them create a fun place to explore and relax. 


  1. Have an Art Show

Doing something creative can help your little one share their emotions better. Have your child draw a few pictures, afterwards you can hang them on the wall and play pretend with your child as you “visit” their art gallery. This will not only give them a creative outlet but will allow them to get encouragement from you in what they created.


What are some fun ways you have been keeping busy during COVID? How have you been using this time to connect with your child? Let us know in the comments.

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