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Prioritize Outdoor Fun This Long Weekend

Prioritize Outdoor Fun This Long Weekend

With the long weekend coming up, you might be feeling like a lovely relaxing weekend inside will be perfect for you and the family. However, with things beginning to open up after two years of social distancing, it might be time for a family adventure outside this long weekend.

Both children & parents spend several hours on electronic devices exploring viral videos, gaming, and messages. Today’s children spend less time outside and more time online. Spending too much time online can be detrimental to your child’s development. For this reason, it is vital to provide opportunities for your child to explore the outdoors. Letting your children play outside and explore nature allows them to disconnect from social media and be present in what they are doing. Encouraging your children to spend more time outdoors can improve emotional health and physical well-being.

The benefits of spending time outside can lead to an overall improvement in health. Being out in nature gives your children the opportunity to develop their motor skills and improve their muscle strength. Running, climbing, and jumping gives your children the space to develop their motor skills when they are older.
However, it’s not just physical benefits that exist through exploring nature. There are also emotional and social benefits that occur. Children are more likely to learn about cause and effect through outdoor recreation. Playing outside can also lead to a more open relationship between the child and parent, allowing for trust to blossom and better conversations to arise. The space of growing and exploring allows most children to open up more with their parents about what games they play & how they feel.

There are many benefits to exploring and playing outside. The long weekend provides you and your family a chance to grow together as you rediscover the outdoors.

What fun family plans do you have for the long weekend? Let us know below.

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